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November 29, 2019  

Enveloped in Advent

Did you know that God has made tens, hundreds, even thousands of promises especially to you?  Could this be the Advent when His Touch makes all of them come true?  If you’re ready to embrace the best Advent ever, then light up the candles, circle up the wreath, and join Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy at the entryway of the season that God intends to rock your world and envelop you in hope, faith, joy, and peace

November 28, 2019  

itn0026 - 11/28/2019

Eleanor Rossman and Father Trigilio discuss recent events from a Catholic perspective.

November 16, 2019  

kt-039 Star councils, soccer winners etc.

Show hosts discuss Star Council winners, soccer winners and upcoming events.

November 15, 2019  

fs0022 - Behaving Perfectly or Perfectly Loved?

So which god do you worship: the god who demands that you be perfect in a world where it’s harder and harder to be, or the Jesus who loves you wildly even when you’ve wandered off?  If you’re looking, on the eve of Advent, to reconnect with the Christ who would pass through flames to bring you home, then sit down this week with Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy as they seek the God who would have you sinking deep in an ocean of Grace! 

November 15, 2019  

In the News 11-14-2019

News with a Catholic perspective. Our hosts, Eleanor Rossman and Father Weary discuss the latest events.

November 9, 2019  

kt-038 Keep Christ in Christmas, state programs

Show hosts talk about the various state level programs and Keep Christ in Christmas Billboards and banners.

November 2, 2019  

kt-037 Degrees, RSVP program and more

Show hosts discuss degrees, the Knights RSVP program and more.

November 1, 2019  

You’ve Got to Call God “Father”!

When Jesus teaches us to pray, how does He start the lesson: “You know God, well, you’ve got to call Him ‘Father.’” And why does Jesus start that way? Because a Father’s love is tender and tenacious, fond and ferocious, just like God’s! So how about slowing down today, settling in, and hanging out with Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy as they embrace the love of a Father who never wearies of hearing us say, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

October 26, 2019  

kt-036 Degrees, Marion Icon

Show hosts discuss upcoming degrees, the Marion Icon and our Catholic Faith.

October 22, 2019  

kt-035 Interview with Our State Deputy

Show hosts interview with our Knights of Columbus State Deputy for Pennsylvania and also upcoming degrees etc.

October 18, 2019  

fs0020 - What Do You Mean God Isn’t a Gumball Machine?

Have you ever thought of God as a gumball machine and prayer as a penny—you put the prayer in, and, if God's really working, the answer should come out? Have you ever thought, instead, that prayer might be a place where we wait with our Beloved, beyond the reach of time, for His greatest gifts to be revealed?  Whatever you’re thinking, wouldn’t today be a great day to join Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy for a cup of coffee and a little transforming, reality-bending conversation about how much you’re truly loved?

October 17, 2019  

itn0024 - October 17, 2019

News with a Catholic perspective. Our hosts, Eleanor Rossman and Father Weary discuss the latest events.

October 11, 2019  

eaen100 - The Final Show (feat. Mike Creavey)

Reaching the finish line is always bittersweet! In this episode, host Mike Creavey shares some details about the six year journey of the Ever Ancient Ever New Show before signing off one last time. It's truly been an honor. God bless you all, and thank you for making this such a blessed time!

October 5, 2019  

kt-034 upcoming degrees and events

Show hosts discuss upcoming degrees and events of interest in the local parishes.

October 4, 2019  

fs0019 You Mean God Might Use Me to Do Miracles

Do you remember in the movie The Sandlot how Smalls held out his mitt, and Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez hit the ball right into it—do you ever wonder what God might be longing to hit into your mitt?  If you’re feeling curious, catch a cup of coffee with Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy as they reflect on how the Bible shows God inviting the most unexpected people on the most extraordinary journeys to do the most beautiful and miraculous things.