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December 5, 2022  

Central PA Voices 12/5/2022

Our host, Joe Nebistinsky, interviews two of our own WHYF family, Joe Murphy, Senior Producer and Crystal Carmen-Stevens, Volunteer.

December 4, 2022  

Candid Catholic Convos 12-04-2022


How can we prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas this Advent season? By taking care of our spirit - wiping away our sins at Mass and confession. Today, Father Tim Sahd of Seven Sorrows Parish in Middletown is sharing with us why and how we should go to confession, as well as how it’s helped him on his faith journey. 

December 2, 2022  

Family Show 12/2/2022 - It’s All About His Love

Do you ever ask yourself, “Where’s the hope in this world?” “Where’s the joy in this world?”  “Where’s the peace in this world?”  Do you ever answer, “There’s only that which comes from being loved by God”?  Did you ever notice that in the glow of every Advent candle must be the love of God?  If you’re committed to using this Advent to prepare yourself to greet Jesus with love, then pull up a chair and ride out this journey with Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy as they confront the notion that you don’t know God until you know you are loved by God.

December 2, 2022  

Reflections from the Heart 12-02-2022

A weekly program produced by Stewardship:  A Mission of Faith.

Program host and guests read, reflect, and discuss the Gospel reading for the Upcoming Sunday's Gospel.


December 1, 2022  

In the News 12-1-2022

Co-Hosts Judy Dezagottis & Father Bill Weary  discussion regarding:  Discussed being thankful for God's gifts in the story of HK Derryberry, a disabled young man with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, Native American Squanto, friend of Pilgrims, was a Catholic, increase in adoptions as alternative to abortions after Dobbs' decision, Jesuit university, Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA cancels pro-life speaker on campus, German bishops relax restrictions for same-sex, divorced - remarried employees, Bishop Georg Batzing, Chairman of German Bishops' Conference is in favor of female priests, Official news site of Catholic Church in Switzerland promotes pro-abortion movie, "Call Jane", The Souls in Purgatory & how to assist them.

November 27, 2022  

Candid Catholic Convos 11-27-2022

A weekly program produced by the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Advent is suddenly upon us, and with it comes all the Christmas planning. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your to-do list, take a moment to consider the pregnant Blessed Mother, and focus instead on "nesting" in your faith - featuring a special message on the history of advent with Bishop Ronald Gainer.

November 26, 2022  

Knight Talk 11-26-2022

Show hosts interview Jack Rizotti, Knights Life Chair for Pennsylvania.

November 21, 2022  

Central PA Voices 11/21/2022

Our host, Joe Nebistinsky, interviews Sharon Kaecrcher, owner of Bahret Religious Goods. http://www.westshorefarmersmarket.com/bahret.html, https://www.facebook.com/BahretReligiousGoods

November 20, 2022  

Candid Catholic Convos 11-20-2022 Gratitude

Candid Catholic Convos, 11.20.22
Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it, all those reminders to be grateful. But what is gratitude, and how can we practice it throughout the year? Sister Geralyn Schmidt joins us today to unpack this virtue with tangible tips to practice it. 
November 19, 2022  

Knight Talk 11-19-2022

Harrisburg area Knights donated monies for three new 4D ultrasound machines for Morning Star Pregnancy Center in Harrisburg and Middletown, Pa.

November 18, 2022  

Family Show 11/18/2022 - Is Christmas Crowding out Your Advent?

Cleaning, decorating, outside, inside, concerts, cooking, hosting, schools, shows, shopping, shipping, packages, presents, parties, travel--so much to do, so quickly the time, so suddenly you find that Christmas preparation demands so much that there’s just no time , , , for Christmas.  Is it time to stop, light a candle, say a prayer, and open a door?  Is it time in your life for Advent?  If you’re gasping for breath and totally convinced that you’ve never spent more time preparing for Christmas and less time in Advent, then today’s the day to join Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy as they wait for Immanuel, the Beloved who’s coming to fill His eyes with the beauty of you. 

November 18, 2022  

Reflections from the Heart 11-18-2022

A weekly show produced by Stewardship:  A Mission of Faith.

Show host and guests read, reflect and discuss the Gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday's Gospel.

November 16, 2022  

Catholic Focus

Segment 1: Features Fr. Anthony Swamy. He discusses Shanti Dham, a home for the homeless.

Segment 2: The Knight of Columbus ,who raised the funds for 3 Ultrasound machines for the Morning Star Pregnancy Center, discuss the program. Also included is the blessing of the equipment by Bishop Ronald Gainer, Bishop of Harrisburg.


















November 13, 2022  

Candid Catholic Convos 11-13-2022

A weekly program produced by the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Pa.

 SHOW DESCRIPTION: For decades there has been a sort of unwritten reverence for the ability to keep your work life and your emotional state separate, but in a world increasingly obsessed with productivity, it's getting harder to not let one affect the other. Spiritual director Chris Wood joins us to continue our conversation on grief and societal expectations in this week's episode.

November 12, 2022  

knight Talk 11-12-2022

A weekly program for and about the Knights of Columbus in the Central Pennsylvania area.

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