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June 15, 2019  

kt-020 Father Matt Cannon

Our show hosts discuss Quo Vadis days, his vocation and now priesthood with newly ordained Father Matthew Cannon.

June 13, 2019  

clt019 - PIAA State Playoffs, EITC, and more!

Host Al Gnoza takes a closer look at the PCC's cooperation with a state representative to pass new legislation involving the PIAA state playoffs. Plus the latest on the Educational Improvement Tax Credit, which now is now is before Governor Wolf. Finally, Al speaks with Rep. Frank Ryan to see what's new.

June 11, 2019  

eaen092 - The Natural Law (feat. Mike Creavey)

In this episode, host Mike Creavey takes a closer look at some deeply troubling assumptions expressed in a recent GoDaddy.com ad and comments on them in light of the Natural Law. Check it out!

June 11, 2019  

clt018 - Education and Taxpayer Money

Host Al Gnoza of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference hears from several legislators, including Rep. Curt Sonney, Sen. John DiSanto, Sen. Camera Bartolotta, Sen. Pat Stefano, and Rep. Rich Irvin. You won't want to miss this discussion about education and being careful with spending taxpayer money!

June 8, 2019  

kt-019 Undefeated Courage

Show hosts talk with Shawn & Becky Biter  about their story and Undefeated Courage new ultrasound mobile unit.

June 7, 2019  

fs0010 - So You Think the Holy Spirit Really Speaks to Me?

When the Holy Spirit comes roaring through your day, do you hear it as a crazy, chaotic, cacophony, or as the voice of God speaking to you in your own language?  Take a moment, and make  today a great day to sit with Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy as they ponder how the voice of God can speak to us through something as trivial as the writing on the side of an ink pen or as immense as a terminal illness.

June 1, 2019  

kt-018 membership and priest ordinations

Show hosts discuss Knights of Columbus membership and upcoming priests ordination on June 1, 2019.

May 30, 2019  

clt017 - Abortion Debate & Upcoming Harrisburg Legislation

In the first half of this episode host Al Gnoza takes a look at how the abortion debate is being taken up by several states after New York decided to go ahead with its controversial bill. We'll then hear from former Senator Rick Santorum as he tries to fend off pro-abortionists on CNN. The second half of the show takes a look at some of the bills that will be considered in Harrisburg in the weeks ahead. We hear from Senator John DiSanto and Reps. Sheryl Delozier and Jesse Topper.

May 25, 2019  

kt-017 Squires state convention

This show contains interviews from this years Squires State Convention. 

May 25, 2019  

eaen091 - The Theological Virtues (feat. Charles Comer)

So excited to dive into part 3 of our virtue series, this time on the topic of the "theological virtues" of faith, hope, and charity (love). Join host Mike Creavey as he discusses them with friend and philosophy professor, Charles Comer!

May 25, 2019  

clt016 - Recap of Down Syndrome Protection Act & Legislator Interviews

In this episode, host Al Gnoza of the PA Catholic Conference has a recap of the Down Syndrome protection act from the House floor. Also featured are interviews with Lancaster area Republican state representative Bryan Cutler along with Democrat state senators Maria Collett and Steve Santarsiero.

May 24, 2019  

fs0009 May 24, 2019 A Cup of Tea and a Glorious God

So what do you get when you mix an exiled rabbi, a crippled child, and a cup of tea: a glimpse into the face of God.  If you’ve never heard that one before, then make sure to sit down this week with Eleanor, Brenda, and Randy as they try to figure out how it’s possible that God’s infinite goodness and glory are best revealed at the intersection of hope and despair.

May 18, 2019  

kt-016 state convention and special olympics

Show hosts talk with Kevin from Supreme Headquarters and also with Matt and Tim with the Special Olympics.

May 16, 2019  

clt015 - Legislative Updates & EITC Bill

In this episode, host Al Gnoza speaks with a number of state legislators regarding two bills that were supported by the PCC and passed recently: the Down syndrome abortion bill, and the Perinatal Hospice bill. The second half of the show is a House floor speech by House Speaker Mike Turzai on the EITC bill, which helps Catholic Schools.

May 16, 2019  

itn0015 May 16, 2019 (Feat. Fr. Weary)

Our host Eleanor Rossman and Father Bill Weary discuss the latest news.